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D-Day Cemeteries in Normandy

The rural countryside of Normandy is dotted with military cemeteries dedicated to soldiers who fought in the D-Day landings and the campaign following the invasion.

The largest number of cemeteries are for the British and Commonwealth dead, although the biggest number of combatants in the military cemeteries are in the large German cemeteries. Many of the British and Commonwealth war cemeteries also include graves of German soldiers as well.

British and Commonwealth Military Cemeteries
Bayeux - 4648 graves (with memorial to another 1801 missing in action)
Ranville - 2562 graves
Saint-Manvieu-Norrey - 2183 graves
Banville-Sannerville - 2175 graves
Tilly-sur-Seulles - 1222 graves
Hottot-les-Bagues - 1137 graves
Douvres-La-Déliverande - 1123 graves
Hermanville-sur-Mer - 1005 graves
Bazenville-Ryes - 979 graves
St-Charles-de-Percy - 789 graves
St-Désir-de-Lisieux - 598 graves
Fontenay-Le-Pesnel - 520 graves
Brouay - 377 graves
Cambes-en-Plaine - 224 graves
Secqueville-en-Bessin - 117 graves
Chouain - 47 graves
(The British and Commonwealth military cemeteries are marked in green on the map below.)

American Military Cemeteries
Colleville-sur-Mer - 9387 graves (plus a Garden of the Missing with another 1557 names)
Saint-James - Montjoie-Saint-Martin - 4410 graves
(The American military cemeteries are marked in purple on the map below.)

Canadian Commonwealth Military Cemeteries
Bretteville-sur-Laize - 2958 graves
Bény-sur-Mer - Reviers - 2049 graves
(The Canadian military cemeteries are marked in red on the map below.)

Polish Military Cemetery
Grainville-Langannerie - 615 graves
(The Polish military cemetery is marked in blue-green on the map below.)

German Military Cemeteries
La Cambe - 21222 graves
Huisnes-sur-Mer - 11956 graves
Marigny - 11169 graves
Orglandes - 10152 graves
St-Désir-de-Lisieux - 3735 graves
(The German military cemeteries are marked in ochre on the map below, apart from St-Désir-de-Lisieux where the British and Commonwealth and German cemeteries are next door to one another.)

Map of Normandy War Cemeteries

The map below marks the military cemeteries of the World War II combatants in the Normandy Landings campaign of June-August 1944. The initial view shows the cemeteries close to the beaches - for cemeteries further away in Normandy, the map can be zoomed out using the scale on the right.