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For visitors to Dieppe from across the Channel, the easiest connection is via the sea, with a regular service from the south coast of the UK. For those already in Normandy or who are arriving from other parts of Europe or France, the road and rail connections to the south link into a good train and motorway network.

Dieppe by Road

Being on the north coast limits the number of directions that Dieppe can be reached from:

  • the A151 to the south
    This is the main access road from most parts of the country. The A151 heads south until it reaches the A29 motorway, which runs from east to west linking Dieppe with Le Havre and Amiens and other northern ports. Continuing on A151 eventually brings the driver to Rouen.
  • the D925 along the coast
    This is a rural coastal road for those who want to enjoy the country scenery around Dieppe and to take a meandering route along the coast to Fécamp and Étretat.

Local bus services in the town and surrounding district are provided by Stradibus. A long-distance bus service through to Paris via Serqueux and Gisors is provided by TER.

Dieppe by Rail

Dieppe Railway Station is located just to the south of the tourist harbour area of Dieppe.

There is only one very important route and that is the line that goes through to the Rouen Rive-Droite railway station and connects into the services from Rouen to Paris and other parts of France:

  • Dieppe - Auffay - Rouen

Dieppe by Air

The local airport - Dieppe - Saint-Aubin - is really only an aerodrome suitable for private or small charter flights. There are no scheduled passenger services into the airport, which is situated to the south of Dieppe.

As with many locations in Upper Normandy, the most accessible way to fly in is to use one of the Paris airports and then use road or rail. Paris - Charles de Gaulle Airport is the main international airport and is located just over 200km from Dieppe via the quickest (although not the shortest!) route.

Dieppe by Ferry

Dieppe's ferry services come in on the other side of the main harbour from the town. There is a regular twice-daily service to Newhaven, the traditional connection, run by LD Lines.

Travel Resources and Map

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Hotel Accommodation
Hotel La Presidence, DieppeHôtel La Présidence
1 Boulevard de Verdun
76200 Dieppe
Tel: 02 35 84 31 31
A four-star hotel with great sea views located on the beachfront with the Aquatic Centre in front of it. Consistently highly-rated by visitors.
Hotel de la Plage, DieppeHôtel De La Plage
20 Boulevard de Verdun
76200 Dieppe
Tel: 02 35 84 18 28
Small and friendly two-star hotel again with great sea views further along the main beach road in the direction of the harbour.

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