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Le Havre is a little bit away from the main Rouen-Caen road axis, which is located to the south of the city. It does however have its own ferry port, a major rail connection and a local airport to the north of the city.

Le Havre by Road

Le Havre is generally reached from two different directions:

  • the A29 motorway to the east
    The actual A29 is the main motorway route stretching between Le Havre and the coastal area to the north of Rouen. It links up with the main Rouen-Caen motorway, the A13, once over the Seine via the Pont de Normandie (see photo at the top of the page). This route also provides access to the popular tourist destinations on the coast of Lower Normandy. The motorway exit for Le Havre is around 10km to the east of the central part of the city.
  • the D940 to the north
    This is a rural departmental road that links the city to the airport and to the coastal tourist route to Etretat.

Regional bus services are provided by the Bus Verts de Calvados, while the city services are run by Bus Oceane.

Le Havre by Rail

The Gare du Havre (Le Havre Railway Station) is situated near the water in the centre of the city (see the more detailed map on the main Le Havre page). and, similarly to the road network, has destinations available by train in most directions.

The most important routes are:

  • Le Havre - Rouen - Mantes-la-Jolie - Paris St Lazare
  • Le Havre - Rouen - Mantes-la-Jolie - Versailles - Lyon - Avignon - Aix-en-Provence - Marseilles
  • Le Havre - Fécamp
  • Le Havre - Montivilliers - Rolleville

The city also has a funicular railway, the 'Funi' which runs between the upper and lower parts of the city. The location of the Funi bottom station is marked on the map on the page linked above.

Le Havre by Air

The airport for the city - Le Havre-Octeville - is situated just under 10km to the north in the countryside near the coast. The airport operates a scheduled flight to Lyon which connects into the Air France regular services and thus other parts of France and certain European countries. There are also a few charters during the summer months.

There is also a seasonal service between London City Airport and the Deauville-Normandie airport on the coast to the north-east of Caen.

Rouen Airport is a small operation with business flights and, currently, no scheduled services.

Those looking for long-haul flights are more likely to find a wide selection from one of the Paris airports. Paris - Charles de Gaulle Airport is the main international airport and is located 215km from Le Havre.

Le Havre by Ferry

The ferry port of Le Havre is situated close to the centre of the city. Currently there are daily services to and from Portsmouth, run by LD Lines.

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Le Havre Hotel Accommodation
Hotel Vent d'Ouest, Le HavreHôtel Vent d'Ouest
4 Rue Caligny
76600 Le Havre
Tel: 02 35 42 50 69
A three-star hotel in the centre of Le Havre with a nautical decor which is consistently highly-recommended by visitors.
Hotel Carmin, Le HavreHôtel Carmin
15 Rue George Braque
76600 Le Havre
Tel: 02 32 74 08 20
A friendly three-star hotel in a nice location not far from the sea or the centre of the city. Popular with French visitors.
Hotel Spa Pasino, Le HavreHôtel Spa du Pasino
Place Jules Ferry
76600 Le Havre
Tel: 02 35 26 00 00
Located directly on one of the harbour basins, the four-star hotel also offers spa and casino facilities.

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