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The Caen Memorial

Much of Caen was devastated during the Second World War and the fierce battles around the city following the Normandy landings.

The Caen Memorial (Le Mémorial de Caen in French) was set up to focus not only on those experiences but especially on the concept of reconciliation and the causes of conflicts.

Caen Memorial

Many Normandy visitors are focused on the history of the war and there are plenty of evocative and informative historical sites and visits to make in the area.

But the Caen Memorial manages to be one of the most intriguing and interesting sites of its kind in the area, with its permanent and temporary exhibitions and will deserve at least half a day from those who are interested in the subject.

The main permanent exhibition moves from the causes of the 1939-45 War through various facets of the conflict (such as life in wartime France) and onto the start and causes of the Cold War.

There are also several changing exhibitions each season.

A Visit to the Memorial

The Caen Memorial is on the outskirts of the city on the other side of the ring-road. The easiest way to get there is to pick up a bus #2 from the terminus between the small marina/harbour and the castle. The Memorial is the last stop on the line.

Esplanade Général Eisenhower
14050 Caen
Tel.: 02 31 06 06 44
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